2020 was a challenging year for Health and Safety across all industries.

For UTS Engineering, we had to find a way to operate as effectively as possible, in a quickly changing Health and Safety Landscape. Social distancing, lockdowns, restrictions, and supply chains all presented unique challenges to our teams and the wider business.

This H&S day, we reflect on what we have learned over the last year, and what we can take forward from it.

As understanding of Covid-19 rapidly developed, an early iteration of Social distancing was applied in UTS. Contrary to the position of the Government at the time, we were already in the process of setting up for remote meetings, limiting our in-person meetings, and spacing out our teams from one another. Our Senior team also met weekly to exclusively discuss covid issues and policies and practices.

As the impending lockdown loomed, we were already encouraging the members of our teams who could work from home to work from home. At first, we were concerned about potential delays caused by either reduced productivity or by the distance between the teams. This was unfounded, as our WFH teams absolutely excelled, pushing themselves to ensure they were keeping up the high standards.

The measures we implemented were effective, as isolations and positive covid cases were few and far between..

As the UK began to emerge out of lockdowns, our policies and practices were easily transferable, limiting the number of new changes we had to implement. By keeping in close contact with our partner organisations, we were still able to effectively attend sites and safely carry out repairs.

Our main takeaway from the Covid-19 crisis is the importance of speed. We were able to rapidly roll out company wide changes, and keep our manufacturing moving. It is a testament to UTS Engineering as a whole, and the importance of cross departmental collaboration, and working closely with partners and clients alike.