24/7 Emergency Response

For your piping emergencies look no further than UTS Engineering. We can manufacture pipe fittings and fabrications and deliver them on site within 24 hours. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none as we look to revolutionise the piping industry.

We offer a unique, emergency service to our clients where we are available 24 hours per day – 7 days per week if a problem may arise. This service offers pipe fittings and fabrications, pipe repair, under pressure drilling, in-line valves and flow stopping services; taking control of any situation. This service is available on a one-off basis or we can offer a fixed price contract to support you with any problems encountered over a specified time period.

Prior to placing an order using our 24/7 emergency response service, we would require your full pipe measurements including diameter and any ovality, pipe material, working pressure and site details. We can begin work immediately on any fabrication or simply provide you with our stocked range of repair clamps and pipe fittings dependant on your requirements.

Product Selector

Flange Adaptor

Our flange adaptors range will join any flanged fitting to a spigot end pipe.

Straight Coupling

Our range of straight couplings are designed to join spigot end pipes with the same outside diameter.

Stepped Coupling

Our stepped coupling range is designed to join spigot end pipes with different outside diameters.

Intermediate Stepped Coupling

Designed to join spigot end pipes which have a difference in outside diameter greater than 50mm.

Dismantling Joint

Our dismantling joint range allows for longitudinal adjustment on flanged pipe systems.

Tapping Sleeve

Provides you with the opportunity to for a flanged pipe to branch from an existing line.

End Cap

Our End caps are the ideal solutions for capping off spigot end pipes on a temporary or permanent basis.