Intermediate Stepped Coupling

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Our intermediate stepped couplings are designed to join pipes with different sized outside diameters with variances of over 50mm. When joining two spigot end pipes with a large difference in outside diameters, our fabricated stepped couplings are tailor made for this situation.

Using a 3D modelling programme, our fabricated stepped couplings are tested to suit the pressure provided and guarantee a leak tight seal.

Our manufacturing facilities are capable of fabricating intermediate stepped couplings to almost any diameter. Our manufacturing prowess allows us to provide the same high levels of quality throughout our entire range. For large diameter piping solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and allow us to provide our expertise.

Our intermediate stepped couplings can be fabricated to suit your pipeline in tricky situations where you may encounter ovality. To ensure our intermediate stepped couplings are an exact fit, we can send out specialist engineers to measure your pipes and fabricate couplings tailor made to your exact requirements.

Our intermediate stepped couplings are finished with a variety of WRAS approved coatings, suitable for potable water. There are also a range of coatings for our intermediate stepped couplings designed for sewerage applications. With a specialised coating company built within our business we can offer specialised coatings upon request.

Quite simply, we can design and manufacture intermediate stepped couplings for any pipeline. We have many years of pipeline experience spanning the entire globe and have worked on all types of line transporting a range of substances. Should you require our experienced engineers to take a look at your piping requirements or simply require some advice from our dedicated sales team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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