Our journey over the last five years has extended the solid operations management approach UTS was built on.

Customers want exactly what they want when they need it. We have developed our business processes and our culture around this by implementing the following changes.

  • The development of bespoke order tracking and planning systems allow everyone in the business to keep their fingers on the pulse and know where we are with our customer’s orders.
  • Teams have been realigned to better handle, and deliver against, varied customer demands. Routine meetings have ensured that nothing falls between the cracks.
  • Reorganisation of production teams has allowed a more dynamic and agile response to customer orders (especially emergencies) without knocking the planned order book off course.
  • Production cells have been introduced where appropriate to harness the talents of our teams and have allowed for improvements in production cycle times and quality.
  • Investment in production technology has allowed us to become more efficient, which in turn has allowed each team to become more flexible. This efficient and dynamic flexibility is what allows us to deliver bespoke products to our customers in such a short timescale.

We have embraced the spirit of Kaizen and are continuing to push ahead with further improvements that our customers will benefit from. At the heart of our continuous improvement is the enterprise thinking our team ascribes to. We cannot possibly run the business in the required way, without having constant communication with each other and our activities.

To ensure we are offering the maximum value to our clients, we continually dial into our operations management. We remain a cost effective solution for our Customers.