As a Jarrow-based Company, with many of our team born and bred in the town, we are very aware of the closure of the important Community Service – St Clare’s Hospice.


We agree with and stand-by calls to ensure this space will be used once more for Palliative care, providing a crucial service to our community. Whilst we can see that an integrated hub will help to solve communication issues, the most reasonable option is to use the site that is already provided in Jarrow.


The current pandemic has shown that hospitals can be a dangerous place and can hasten the death of seriously ill people. A crucial component of the proposed next stage of the plan is to house palliative care in hospital grounds, which we cannot in good conscience support.


We would like to support the crucial work that Kay Smith is doing for the cause, and we are proud to join her in calls to e-mail the CCG to try and show that our community is behind moving Palliative care back to the Jarrow site.


If you would like to see support St Clare’s Hospice, please contact the CCG at and let them know why the St Clare’s buildings are best place for this palliative care.


Kay Smith said ‘I would like our community to speak from their hearts and speak with passion. Even a short e-mail to show your support would suffice, it would show we are a united front, which is essential!’.


We are proud to support this cause, and we hope that the CCG can seriously consider the Jarrow space as the future for Palliative care in South Tyneside.


For more information please contact Kay Smith at the save St Clare’s hospice people’s petition FB page.