UTS Engineering aim to meet and exceed best practice in our work. As such we accredited by several key auditing bodies, in pursuit of best practice.

Lloyds Register Quality Assurance ISO:9001

Gaining certification from Lloyd’s Register (LR) demonstrates that your quality management system (QMS) follows a robust and globally recognised approach that’s focused on continually improving your processes and managing business risks to meet the needs and expectations of your customers and other stakeholders.

BSI Kitemark

The BSI Kitemark™ is a quality mark owned and operated by BSI.  It is one of the most recognised symbols of quality and safety and offers true value to consumers, businesses and procurement practices.

With UKAS accreditation – benefits include risk reduction, increased customer satisfaction and access to new customers around the world.

The BSI Kitemark is a trademark owned by BSI and was originally only used in the UK, but it is now recognized throughout the world as a mark of quality.

WRC Approved

WRc Approved is an international ‘fitness for purpose’ certification scheme run by WRc plc to help suppliers demonstrate the performance of their products and services. Buyers can have confidence in WRc Approved reducing risks in procurement. Quality, performance and installation are all covered in the assessment of the product or service.

Over 425 Approvals have been issued since the scheme started. Approved products include pipes, lining and repair systems, flow control systems, inspection systems, fittings, manholes and access chambers and software. Approved services include soil surveys, CCTV type inspection and drain repair contractors; these are all focused on demonstrating good workmanship.

WRAS Approved Product

The purpose of WRAS is to contribute to the protection of public health by preventing contamination of public water supplies and encouraging the efficient use of water by promoting and facilitating compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Byelaws in Scotland.

WRAS is a subscription membership company limited by guarantee and was incorporated on 4 August 2008. The subscribers of WRAS are the 26 UK Water Suppliers.

TWI (The Welding institute)

Descended from the British Welding Research Association (BWRA), TWI have grown into one of the foremost independent research and technology organisations. The organisation spans innovation, knowledge transfer and problem resolution across all aspects of welding, joining, surface engineering, inspection and whole-life integrity management.

Almost every fabricated item contains one or more welds. The accreditation covers all of the welding processes, encompassing not only arc welding but also power beam, resistance and solid phase processes; application and control of welding processes; welding consumables; welding of pressure vessels, piping, structural steel; industrial productivity, automation and robotics; health and safety; computer software; welding applications; management and quality assurance systems; national and international standards; quality control and acceptance criteria.

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