Winter can bring some serious issues to pipelines – namely pipe bursts.

With your winter planning of stock fittings filled, you may find yourself stuck when it comes to a more complex burst. With UTS Engineering, we can have a complex and bespoke fitting with you within a matter of hours.

We can achieve this level of service as it is our commitment. Your problem becomes our problem, and we won’t leave until the problem is sorted.

Here is 5 ways our emergency response can help you weather the winter:

#1- Speed of response in a crisis

Naturally, an emergency response has a key factor: Speed. Time is of the essence, and with stricter and stricter regulations around customer impact and the impact of Covid-19, fixing a burst is more time critical than ever.

From initial contact, to actually installing the fitting, can be a matter of hours. We have dedicated teams of experts across the UK, ready to assist you at a moments notice. We have chartered helicopters and planes to speed up the response, as we are committed to doing whatever necessary to assist you.

#2- Quality

With a bespoke fitting, you get a quality product, every time. Built to fit your pipeline, the fitting is perfect for the job. We are TWI certified, meaning welds and joins reach and exceed the highest standards. Our materials are domestically sourced in the UK, meaning we have a fully traceable supply chain that guarantees quality due to accountability. Our fittings are WRC approved for use with potable water and we don’t try to confuse you with saying the materials we use are!

Our response teams have decades of hands-on experience, so dealing with pipe bursts is second nature. They will ensure your pipeline is fully functional in the shortest time possible. Backed by the UTS Ops room, with decades dealing with complex and difficult situations, you are in good hands.

#3- Dedication

Our passion is assisting you. We love the complex and challenging nature of utilities emergencies. This drive means we are in it for the long haul. Unexpected issues are the norm with emergencies, and we are ready and willing to deal with them. We will not leave until your asset is up and running, and your customers are satisfied.

#4- Innovation

We continuously push the boundaries of what can be achieved. We always are looking for new and improved ways to operate, to meet your standards. As an industry, we are constantly needing to update our knowledge, our learning and or skills. Our teams, processes and our skills constantly undergo evaluation, ensuring you receive the best, up-to date advice and service.

#5- Dynamic in thought, decisive in actions

We are proactive, constantly looking for ways to provide greater value to our stakeholders. Our employees are supported by award winning health and safety procedures and tools, ensuring they are always ready for the task at hand. Our Manufacturing facility is fit for purpose, ready to spring into action and fabricate what you need. Bespoke pipework, fittings and equipment is our speciality, and we are built for speed.

Site service or manufacturing, scheduled repairs or emergencies, UTS Engineering will provide a first-class experience, whatever it takes.