Pipeline leaks by their very nature, are difficult to predict.

Invariably, when a burst occurs, it is in the most difficult position, in the most inconvenient area of the pipeline. We have several techniques that we can quickly manufacture and install to repair a leak. The list below is not exhaustive as in every situation we analyse and come up with the best, cost-effective solution.

Repair Clamp

A repair clamp is a quick and versatile solution to a leak. Versatile in the way that they can be used on pipes that measure a large range of diameters and can be quickly installed to halt leakage. We stock repair clamps and also are capable of quickly manufacturing them to bespoke dimensions, ensuring you get the fitting you need.

They can be installed on the pipeline without the need for a costly shut down using captive bolts for simple, yet effective installation. As we understand the implications of a burst pipe, we operate an emergency response service and can manufacture and deliver repair clamps within 24 hours.

Quick. Simple. Effective.


We can make encapsulation mufflers to cover damaged pipework and damaged fittings. Whatever the size, shape or pressure of the pipeline, we can quickly manufacture and install an encapsulation fitting. We don’t only rely on stock fittings, so even for the most peculiar or difficult burst we are the go-to team, the one-stop-shop.

Our mufflers can be designed to cover numerous leaks in a single area in the pipeline. This provides a cost-effective solution when a pipeline has more than one area of damage.

Line Stop and replacement

Sometimes, more drastic action is needed. UTS Engineering can isolate the main by stopping the flow safely, and can also manufacture the required pipework, bespoke or straightforward. This can be achieved whilst the main flow is diverted, meaning your asset is never impacted.

This method uses our innovative under pressure drilling equipment to create a hole in the pipeline whilst under pressure. A flow stop is lowered into the pipeline, with a specialist plugging head resisting the forces created by the flow.

Even in the worst scenarios, we provide the tools in a cost-effective and effective way. This is why we are the single source for pipeline products and services.