The current health scare with the Corona Virus has thrown schemes like the Living wage into a new light.

Many freelancers and individuals who are self-employed have found themselves panicked. They may have next to no back up plan. The issue also passes to those within very low paid professions. They may be forced to work to meet financial obligations.

It throws many facets of modern-day employment into focus. Individuals are not in the position to weather any storm, be that health or another personal crisis, as money worries consistently follow them.

People feel fearful when events like this unfold. At UTS, we recognise that we would be at a loss without our incredible workforce. We run a 24/7 emergency service, and we would be unable to deliver on this promise without our incredible team.

Above and beyond

Imagine your employer runs a 24/7 service. It could mean working extra. It could mean pressure and deadlines to meet. In our industry, it could be a crisis on a national scale. The stakes are extraordinarily high. Therefore, the rewards must be relative to this.

We must be trailblazers. Why rely on what is said to be industry standard or best practice, when we can innovate and push the boundaries of our industry. We must constantly strive to ensure our team is well cared for. From our dedicated Health and Safety department to the monthly team member well-being surveys and cycle to work schemes, we do everything to care for our team.

UTS and the Living wage

The Living Wage is part of that. Sometimes require a great deal from our team, and we want to ensure when they leave work, money worries aren’t affecting them. We want their time away from the office to be relaxing and enjoyable, as this creates a better atmosphere for all of us.

There’s no guarantee we are perfect, but we can guarantee we are constantly learning, and as such, improving. Our staff is what makes UTS the go-to place for our clients. Whether it be emergency jobs, one-off bespoke repairs, or routine maintenance we are the global solution for the utility industry.