One-size-fits all is an obsolete philosophy in utilities. Across all industries we see a rise in people demanding personalisation. It’s a fact that higher competition leads to the shake-up of many product and service offerings. Oftentimes, this leads to personalisation.

We don’t service consumers; we look after a key industry in the UK. Millions of people rely on the services of UK Utilities for their basic needs, and we support them in maintaining the vast levels of infrastructure. To achieve this, we must be prepared for anything. You cannot pre-plan 95% of the parts we need, which makes our job very reactive.

First Response

We engineer some very interesting parts for our Clients. The novel nature of their problem often demands completely bespoke solutions. As such, our entire organisation is built to service this requirement, from our business model down to the team, we are made for short-notice, highly bespoke parts.

Business Model

Our business hierarchy allows for extremely quick decisions. We prescribe to an extremely flat hierarchy, meaning issues become apparent within seconds of materialising. This allows orders, pricing and capabilities to be analysed quickly, and a solution proposed within minutes.

Quick response tactics are not an afterthought, its an entire mindset. It’s a focus and a value on which our company has been built. This allows us to be incredibly responsive to emergencies, which is demanded by our clients.

Supply Chain

Is your supplier making you wait 10-14 days for your material? What would happen if that impacted the daily necessity of hundreds of thousands of people? Could you imagine the costs incurred? What would happen if vulnerable lives were at stake?

The country cannot function without water. Therefore, it is essential we are functioning. Our supply chain is set-up with client needs in mind; we know how best to prepare for the unknown. Our supplier chains and associated partners are well placed to get our products to us, for us to build the parts our clients need.

Our clients demand only the highest quality. Therefore, our manufacturing process is completely in-house. We can stand by our products, because our experts put them together. From fabrication to assembly, all the way to final quality checks, we have control of our full manufacturing process.


If you ask what specific training our team has for a crisis, you receive some mystified looks. Our entire mindset, current performance and history relies on being prepared. As such, a crisis is second nature to our team, making them some of the foremost experts in Emergency Management.

It is crucial to keeping millions safe, happy and healthy. We are the experts in utilities crisis and can offer everyday solutions. Utilities are a dynamic and essential industry. As such, the tasks can range from national emergencies to small fittings during routine maintenance.

For your utility’s requirements, look no further than UTS Engineering.