UTS Engineering is proud to welcome Ryan Tinkler as Head of Site Services & Intervention. As part of a sustained focus on growth, we welcome Ryan back to the fold. Ryan spent several years supporting teams globally, and on returning to the UK has rejoined UTS. He brings a great deal of experience from the Oil & Gas industries, so can help us pioneer the best ways to support our Oil & Gas clients.

The Role


In his new role as Head of Site Services and Intervention, he will be responsible for directly managing the on-site aspects of our projects. Any support needed from our team will be implemented from the ground. This will ensure we are adaptive to any changes and responsive to your needs.

In addition, Ryan looks to implement developments across our team and equipment capabilities. This is in line with our dedicated approach to our teams, and our commitment to ensuring we provide the highest standard of value to our clients and their customers.

Our Managing Director Shaun said ‘We are happy to welcome Ryan back to the fold and look forward to the innovative viewpoint he brings! We are dedicated to the constant improvement of our operations. As such always look for ways to challenge the ‘status quo’ and innovate in our market’.

Throughout the current economic climate, UTS Engineering is still focused on the future. We are trailblazing North East Engineering.