Over the last few months, the way we have been required to work has changed, leading to renewed focus on Mental Health Week. We have set out some ground rules for our management, which have helped our amazing team excel from home.

Working from a different location can be very difficult for some. Ensuring we are constantly in communication with and looking after our WFH employees is critical. Our team makes us successful, so we hope the four points we set out to management have helped.

We have focused on:


  • Regular and consistent engagement with the workforce both those at home / operational.
  • There is a lot of misinformation circulating, making sure you become a trusted source for the most important and official updates which impact on the business
  • Making sure as a senior leadership figure you are consistent, optimistic and empathetic to those working from home.


  • Get your procedures / policies in place and clearly communicated so staff can get the support they need.
  • Management should video call where possible for meetings and so regularly. This helps with inclusion / connection with their team.
  • You can take the time while they are at home to still do team-building exercises and promote “social time” via zoom etc. This can be helpful for those staff recently on-boarded.

Learning and Development

Learning shouldn’t stop because employees are at home. Staff at home should still be encouraged to attend online seminars /webinars to ensure continued professional development. [this helps them feel invested in and that they can still contribute to their role from home]


Working from home can sometimes make it difficult for issues of Mental Health to be recognised. We should still recognise regularly through our usual channels.

We are lucky. We have a dedicated, hardworking team during times of normality. We are increasingly proud of how they have handled the current situation. Their steadfastness has been an inspiration to us all, which is why Mental Health week has taken a priority.