Imagine a strategy, where global supply chains are in crisis but your organisation is fine?

People may not be able to get their orders on time. There may be delays in your online shopping. Missing items in stores. It could be an unmitigated disaster. Now, what happens if that also meant no water?


We are a crutch for water industries across the Globe. We help to ensure that when you turn on a tap, clean, fresh drinking water runs out. When we can’t get supplies, the situation is dire. Luckily, in over 20 years of business, that has never happened.

But why, and how?

A retail scheme that has been aimed at consumers is the Shop Local initiative. It aims to support the failing UK high-streets by encouraging local business. Shopping local isn’t just supporting local businesses, it makes logistical sense.

Supply chains can cover vast expanses of land. The cheapest price may not be down the road, but hundreds of miles away. This can sometimes be great for price, due to lower wages or less regulations. However, for quality and for emergencies, the lead time is too long.

We work in hours, not days. One of our clients may need a part in 8 hrs, not 8 days. We just don’t have the luxury of time.

At UTS, we believe in localised solutions, that help build our communities, whilst keeping us agile.


  • Agility to meet our client’s strict timescales (strategy)
  • Growth within our local areas (i.e. jobs and wealth)
  • Control over quality and delivery

When disaster strikes, we are well placed to deal with any issues. This allows us to be as responsive as possible, in any situation. Throughout the entire UTS group, we look to keep manufacturing in-house, whilst keeping suppliers domestic.

For all of your utility needs or emergencies, keep us in mind, and give us a call.