Across the UTS Engineering manufacturing process, our people are our greatest asset. We are fortunate to have many long-term and hardworking team members on board, we still have our first ever apprentice and our first ever employee retired only last December. But how do we ensure they are operating at the highest level?

How do you maintain an agile, flexible and engaged workforce?

Define flexible manufacturing

At UTS Engineering we define flexibility a little differently. We prescribe to an agile process, as the work we do often changes. For example, one day we could be welding 6 ft OD muffler for an emergency, next we could have designed a bespoke rig for a local textile company during a pandemic. The jobs can vary, but the quality and the expertise cannot deviate.

Therefore, preparing and maintaining a strong team requires some serious consideration.

Our team

We aim to treat our team as well as we can. We are a Living Wage employer, and as such we try to ensure financial worries don’t impact our team. 77% of employees state that money worries impact them at work. We try to meet this issue head-on and proactively, mitigating the negative effects.

In addition to this, we work in a heavy engineering manufacturing environment. As such dangers can be around each corner, if not managed properly. We employ a dedicated H&S Manager to ensure H&S is a focus throughout our strategy and our operations. By making Health and Safety central to our activities, we can ensure our workforce is well cared for.


We’ve briefly mentioned some of our tactics to ensure employees are present and safe at work. Obviously, these tactics are useless without effective communication. The difficulty in managing a workforce is that you are managing a large group of people. People with thoughts, fears, aspirations and desires. The way you treat each person will be different, sometimes greatly. The same message has to be delivered in a different  way in which each employee gets it

Communicating your aims and translating them into actions is difficult. Bringing your team along is extremely time consuming, and incredibly hard; but so very worth it.

We have over 200 team members. We manage to co-ordinate, fabricate and manage nationwide emergencies using our incredible team. When we manage the basics like wage and health, we prepare for the more complex issues of leading a multi-skilled flexible workforce.