We think that North East Engineering looks to boom in 2020.

The current economic outlook looks rather grim. However, for an industry that has declined in recent years, the outlook for the engineering is brightening. Investment, training and a dedication to supporting local businesses will be essential in the future. With that in mind, it’s not hard to find a recent news story about investment or training success.

So, with other industries in decline, why are we positive?

  1. Engineering is in our blood

With the Shipyards still in recent memory for many, we already have had high quality engineering along the Tyne and beyond, for generations. This can’t simply be erased by the ebb and flow of the economy. There are companies that still inspire the community, employ the best local talent, and still thrive.

How is this possible as almost every other industry suffers losses?

Simply because solving complex problems and building the impossible comes naturally to us Northerners.

  1. We have the potential

Engineering has experienced a decline in recent years in the UK. However, there are great opportunities for rising stars. T-levels look to give crucial occupational experience to youngsters at a crucial time in their development. Allowing their skills to flourish with a mix of education and professional exposure will help encourage the next generation to drive forward North-East engineering.

  1. Changes in the industry

Engineering is such a broad spectrum. The teams involved are can be as complex and varied as the problem itself. From Project Managers to the Operators, the skills and attributes required are extremely diverse. To aid this, we have some of the best educational facilities, from universities to Marine engineering colleges, the skills to succeed are at hand in the North East. Bolstered by some of the finest engineering companies the UK can offer.

Regardless of economic turmoil, North East engineering will persevere and survive, in one form or another.